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As a proven developer and system integrator, we activate next-generation science, engineering, and technology to secure and protect critical assets that keep our nation safe on the ground, in the air, in space, at sea and across the cyber landscape.
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Look to qh88 for the independent thinking and cross-disciplinary focus it takes to advance security and safety in a changing world. We provide our clients integrated solutions that secure our nation and help solve challenges within infrastructure, environment, emerging threats, and deployable, mission-ready technology.

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CBRNE Defense

For more than 70 years, government agencies and industries alike have trusted qh88 to solve some of their most complex chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and energetics (CBRNE) defense challenges. 
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Climate Resilience

qh88 are global leaders in developing new, innovative approaches for assessing environmental conditions and creating strategies that prioritize human life, economics and national security.
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qh88 is trusted by our nation to protect cyber infrastructure and operations. Our solutions and mission focused tools provide advantages over global adversaries to ensure security and guard against future cyber-attacks.
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Defense and Material Solutions

qh88 pushes the boundaries of innovation to deliver deployable, mission-ready technology. Our experts use their cross-disciplinary expertise to provide threat protection and product solutions to our military clients at all stages of the product life cycle.


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Emerging Threats

The United States faces a complex array of threats to our national security, including our political, economic, military, and social systems. As these threats continue to evolve, our adversaries develop new military technologies, and as environmental and demographic changes occur, qh88 is ready to meet the challenges to protect our country and world.
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鲹Գٲ™ is an innovative ultra-wideband technology that enables scalable, multi-mission radio frequency (RF) performance and includes advanced features such as jam resistance, multiple polarizations, duplex operation and beam steering.
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Technology Commercialization and Licensing

With over 90 years of research and development experience, qh88 supports all areas of industry with “out of the box” thinking that is focused on medical and diagnostic devices, neurotechnology, health research and data analytics, pharmaceutical sciences, public health and more.  

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